If you are ready to scale your unique services online without...

  • Sacrificing your time and energy doing 1:1 sessions

  • Learn how to build a product suite of all different priced offers that people want to buy with this simple process that you can use over and over again.

  • Learn how to create a scale-able online time and location-independent business that makes you money everyday. You want to scale and expand your business past local and into a global community.

  • You need a dope content plan and strategy that WORKS and will get your message into the world. Learn how to create an audience of die-hard followers who will buy anything you put out because they recognize your value and transform from your services.

  • You know just throwing content at the wall like spaghetti is not the thing and you want a community to boss out with. Learn to LOVE selling, even if it has been a pain in your ass for more than you can remember. I will teach you how to see this process as part of your artistic expression that expands your big dream and vision.

  • You desire to let go of all the weird ways of marketing in the sex money magic world and do it ethically. Stop wasting your time creating content that does not convert to sales and new leads. Start following this proven method that has helped women all over the world scale their business up to $40k per month.

  • You want to learn exactly how to make reels, write copy, hooks, call to actions without dancing and pointing at text.

  • Ditch your procrastination and perfectionism in your business so you can start bringing in more clients each month…

  • Join me for 90 days of pure magic inside the EXPAND Training where i will give you all the tools to align to your most authentic self, create offers from your soul and market it like a boss.

  • Learn how to eliminate your fear of failure once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you have failed in your marketing efforts, heard crickets or had no one sign up before. You will walk away with the tools necessary to grow your business and sign clients now.



  • #1

    Online Course

    Everything you need to align to your authentic offerings, the mindset to build momentum and believe in yourself to scale your online course business.

  • #2

    Daily Support

    You will have the opportunity to create a discussion and ask questions about any of the course content, connect with the women in the group, and get feedback daily. I check the course comments at least once per day. Submit anything and i will either write you back or make a video for you inside the course. We also have a weekly check-in to keep you accountable to your goals, course creation, sales and editorial calendar.

  • #3

    Group Coaching

    Each week, we do group coaching sessions together where we tap into our body, move through blocks, and build momentum with other women who are also creating, launching and scaling online. No need to do it alone. There is an opportunity on the calls to ask questions and get personalized feedback.


    1. Welcome & How this works 💗

    2. Join the Community 🌸

    3. Weekly Check-In 💓 This will help you stay on track each week...set goals and reflect on what you accomplish!

    4. Tech Support

    5. Scaling Strategy Sessions

    1. How manifestation works 💓

    2. Ditch the addiction to drama & chaos so you can come back to peace and harmony

    3. Let go of comparison & remember your unique genius

    4. Release the fear of failure & harness your success mindset

    5. Eliminate procrastination & get into action now

    6. Let go of trying to figure it out so you can be your legacy

    7. Drop the victim mindset & step into the full creator of your dreams

    8. Stop feeling defensive & create boundaries and forgive

    9. Drop the imposter syndrome & remember how far you’ve come

    10. Heal your perfectionism so you can find grace and messy action

    11. Ditch scarcity / loneliness/ lack / something missing & align to gratitude, abundance, aligned clients and relationships

    12. Shadow

    13. Blasting through Pleasure Ceilings

    1. Queen Meditation - heal your shadow

    2. Be Your Legacy Meditation

    3. Jupiter Business Meditation

    4. dream life realized meditation

    5. boundaries

    6. flowering

    7. life purpose

    8. yoga buzz

    9. full moon circle

    10. glow with the flow

    11. ego eradicator

    12. prosperity kriya

    13. roaring in your goddess

    14. release drama

    15. be the light

    16. addiction kriya

    17. kriya for elevation

    18. yoni kriya

    19. feminine power flow

    20. Core values + Money journaling

    1. Branding with Soul

    2. Your Story + Transformation

    3. Tribe

    4. Mood Board

    5. Your Offer

    6. Pricing

    7. Sales Page

    8. Sales Conversations

    9. Running Your Online Course

    1. Bust Visibility Blocks

    2. Writing Copy

    3. Editorial Calendar

    4. Launch Strategy

    5. 28 Day Reels Challenge

    1. Product Suite

    2. Clarity on your Product Suite

    3. Press Kit for Sponsorships

    4. Link in Bio

    5. Offer checkout, welcome emails, upsells

    6. Email Sequences

    7. Sales Funnel Template

    8. Cart Abandonment

    9. VSL

    10. Pop Up Window

    11. Coupons and Flash Sales

    12. Hello Bar

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